Open Ballet Class (for Age 11+)

  • Students should have at least 4 years of classical ballet training.
  • Non-Syllabus Classes are taught at a professional level and use the full range of classical ballet technique.
  • Pointe work included.
  • Wear any leotard and tights, t-shirts, and/or leggings.
  • Walk-in class available.  Pre-book by phone or email.




Fitness Ballet (for Adults 16+)

Class Duration:  60min 

Fitness Ballet classes are non-syllabus classes suitable for beginners and those with some ballet experience.  The classes will allow you to gain a good understanding of ballet steps, improve coordination, flexibility and enable your further development of classical ballet technique.





DanceSport is an activity that combines sport and dance.  It can help improve physical fitness and mental well-being.  Dancing can strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, balance and movement coordination.  It is an activity that can form social relationships and to obtain results in competition.  There are 10 dances recognized by the World DanceSport Federation:

In the Standard Discipline

- English Waltz
- Tango
- Viennese Waltz
- Slow Foxtrot
- Quickstep

In the Latin - American Discipline

- Samba
- Cha Cha Cha
- Rumba
- Paso Doble




Chinese Dance (中國舞)




Children/Adult Courses
自組 (兒童/成人) 課程

Please organize your own group.
4 students per group.


      For enrolment details, please call 2915 0822.     

或查詢請致電 2915 0822

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